Why choose us?

Clients choose Onsite Total Wellness as their flu shot vendor because of the high levels of service and clinical care provided. The superior level of service provided by Onsite Total Wellness is best exemplified by its 99% client retention rate.

From program scheduling and planning to providing you with friendly, trained and professionals, Onsite Total Wellness will work with you each step of the way to implement a wellness program that is easy for you to administer and successful in achieving high employee participation and satisfaction rates. 

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Company hosted onsite vaccination events make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for employees. With each vaccinated employee the company faces less risk of spreading inner-office flu, saves on employee sick days, and increases productivity. Our onsite vaccination program is a cost effective way to make sure all employees have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

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Why should you have an Onsite clinic

Offering flu shots in the workplace is a quick, easy wellness activity in which every employee can be involved. It’s also one of the most inclusive wellness activities because literally everyone can be affected by the flu.


The 3 P's of Hosting a Workplace Flu Shot Clinic

Plan It  –  Promote It  –  Produce It

We reserve your clinic date and send you an agreement. We send you posters, table leaflets, email communications, campaign ideas.


Wellness Programs

We offer several Wellness Programs including Flu Shot Clinics, Biometric Screenings and Stress Management. Company hosted Flu Shot Clinics, Biometric Screenings and Stress Management options are a convent way for your employees in your company to get healthy and stay healthy. Promoting a positive work environment.


Your Company Benefits From Onsite Clinics

  • Increase Participation and Reduce Absenteeism
    • A broader scope of your employee base will participate in this activity including employees who might be turned off by other types of wellness activities.
    • Most companies have 30% more employees inoculated when offering an Onsite Flu Clinic.


  • Encourage other Wellness Program Participation
    • Employees who participate in the worksite flu shot clinic likely have a generally positive attitude towards other corporate wellness activities.


  • Sweeten your Talent Acquisition Strategy
    • Corporate flu shots play into a positive company culture, and illustrate that management teams care about employees at all levels, which draws talented employees to any company. This is especially true of millennials, who usually want more from a workplace than simply a place to work.


Every year, the flu results in lost work, time, lower productivity and decreased earnings.

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• Click here to use our online scheduling tool or call Onsite Total Wellness and we will help you schedule a clinic

• Determine the type of vaccination to be offered

• Provide us with a copy of an employee’s insurance card to process claim & directions to your location with any special directions

• Sign the agreement consenting to terms and conditions

• We reserve your clinic date and send you an agreement

• We assign a dedicated account manager who arranges a clinician to administer your clinic



• We send you posters, table leaflets, email communications, campaign ideas

• You will Post the posters, distribute the table leaflets, send your employees emails and/or printed communications in paychecks, etc



• You will Reserve a place to conduct the clinic with a small table, a trash can, at least one chair

• Send out a reminder email/announcement the week of and the day before the clinic

• Greet our clinician 30 minutes prior to clinic start time and direct them to the location

• We will Send our qualified clinicians to conduct the clinic

• Prepare & provide a final report confirming the number participants & shot types given


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Company hosted Flu Shot Clinics are a cost-effective way to make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for your employees. Plus, your company will face less risk of spreading inner-office flu, save on employee sick days, and increase productivity. Vaccinated employees typically have: 

  • 13%-44% fewer health care/provider visits
  • 18%-45% fewer lost workdays
  • 18%-28% fewer work days with reduced productivity




75% of health care costs are attributed to chronic conditions that are preventable. Heart disease, for example, can be prevented with proper diet and exercise. In addition, early identification of certain risk factors, such as high cholesterol or blood pressure, can prevent larger problems down the road.

A regular assessment of an individual’s health in the form of a biometric screening, can provide valuable insight on current and potential medical issues, risk for chronic preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, and can identify strategies for improved health and well-being.



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Healthy, engaged employees means a healthy bottom lineВ 

Onsite Total Wellness offers effective Stress management wellness programs that help your employees reduce the negative effects of stress, prevent and manage disease and illness and enhance productivity and job morale. Improved overall employee health helps your organization lower absenteeism and overall healthcare costs. Engaged organizations understand that a healthy, happy workforce translates to engaged employees and a business culture that thrives.